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Dark Hollow

Dark Hollow


"Incredible, hard-core, hard-drivin' bluegrass!"
- Ray Edlund, KPFA Radio

Dark Hollow has been rocking the Northern California bluegrass scene for over 10 years with their fun-loving, high-energy shows. The group regularly brings down the house with their own brand of on-fire musicianship.

Led by the powerhouse voice of John
Kornhauser, Dark Hollow performs traditional favorites and slam-bang originals with equal gusto. The group's virtuoso musicianship, love of tunes, melodies, harmonies and driving bluegrass rhythms blends together to make a traditional sound spiced up with a bit of home-grown joie de vivre.

From a cozy bar hidden in a beach
neighborhood to a family-friendly barbeque house, from a raucous bluegrass festival stage to the Freight and Salvage concert hall, Dark Hollow has played 'em all and knows how to put on a show.

This group of talented musicians can really make an audience feel the bluegrass spirit!

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